Super High Translucent Multilayer Zirconia

Ceradirect SHT multilayer,highly translucent zirconia for universal use, Due to its high strength and natural translucency, this material can be used for massIve structures of implant-supported restorations with gingival component appear completely natural. SHTML is available In the 16 classic VITA tooth shades This makes the fabrication of restorations easy and efficient for every laboratory. Reduced complexity in everyday laboratory outines through multi-indication application possibilities.

IndicationsFully anatomical crowns and multi-unit bridges (extending to the molar region) Anatomically reduced crowns and multi-unit bridge frameworks (extending to the molar region) Multi-unit, screw-retained restorations on titanium bases

DataSHTMLLayersChemical CompositionSHTML
Translucent42%Top 20%ZrO2+HfO2+Y2O3≥99%
Flexiable strenth1125MpaL2 20%ZrO288%-91%
Vickers hardness1370HvL3 20%Y2O35.9%-6.2%
Modulus of elasticity170000L4 20%HfO2<4%
Facture toughness4.9MpaBase 20%Al2O3<1%
Chemical solubility0.5μg/cm3K2O<0.01%
Density6.03g/cm3Other Oxides<0.1
Transformation temperature1270℃
Terminal temperature1530℃

Ceradirect shtml zirconia is a dental laboratory material that takes into account product stability, aesthetic effect and product price.

——Prism Dental Studio CEO  Simmons Young  

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