Ceradirect founded in 2017, established alarge-scale and high quality modern production base in ShenZhen. The company is committed to the development of medical dental ceramics industry and dental lab supplies. Ceradirect is China's top supplier of dental lab supplies.

We have a strong production system and stocking mechanism to ensure that your goods can be prepared and sent to you in time, and the cooperation with many large logistics companies ensures that the goods you buy can be safely and timely delivered to your hands. The complete after-sales system can enter the after-sales problem handling procedure within 24 hours after you feedback the problem.

CeraDirect research & development center was based on the College of Materials and Engineering, National Chi Nan University China , Prof.Li and Prof.Luo are the chief scientist20+ years research career in the Non-metal oxide materialsthe research team led by them has several Ph.Ds and more than a dozen researchers. It is a part of the China National Laboratory. The team has dozens of Chinese national invention patents.Prof Luo researches medical polymer materials, dental PMMA, dental PEEK, and digital imaging equipment.

The core research and development direction of Prof li is to show the natural color of the teeth after the crystallization of zirconium dioxide nanopowder. Through tens of thousands of experiments every year, the formula and ratio are constantly adjusted, so that the color that zirconium dioxide powder can show is very close to VITA shadeguide, So that the dentist can recognize that the color he described is almost the same as the color of the final restoration. At the same time, it is necessary to study the principle of zirconia crystallization to continuously increase the fracture strength of zirconia restorations, so that zirconia teeth have more adaptability and more not easy to break.