3D Printer Resin(500g)

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Type: Model Resin
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Ceradirect 3D Printer Resin exhibits rapid curing speed and ensures high precision in dental models, striking a balance between strength and toughness while minimizing the risk of breakage and preserving tensile precision. 

Moreover, it maintains a stable printing size, resulting in a fine texture and noticeable printing details in the completed dental molds. Its low viscosity and exceptional fluidity at lower temperatures make it easy to clean and effortlessly release from film. These qualities contribute to prolonging the lifespan of the film and significantly improving the success rate of the printing process.


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Ceradirect 3D Printer Resin

Model Resin Surgical Guide Gingiva Mask
Printing Tech LCD LCD LCD
Tensile Strength 25MPa  29MPa  28.5MPa
Elongation at Break 18.2% 14.8% 17.5%
Impact 25.4J/m 28.4J/m 23.4J/m
Flexural Strength 45MPa 48MPa 42MPa
Viscosity 358mpa.s25℃ 372mpa.s25℃ 435mpa.s25℃

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