Hybrid Ceramic Monochrome —C14(12*14*18mm)-HT/LT(5 pieces)

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Translucncy: HT
Color: A1
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Ceradirect Hybrid ceramic is a resin-based ceramic material that possesses high strength, toughness, and high modulus of elasticity to match that of natural teeth, making resilient porcelain effective in resisting occlusal pressure. The low water and chemical dissolution allows the material to maintain a long-lasting polish and excellent stain resistance.


·Easy processing, no sintering required:Separate restorations--Rough grinding--High-gloss polishing--A finished product

·Edge integrity: The cut edges are smooth and intact, ensuring maximum edge fit and reducing the risk of secondary tooth decay.

·Minimally invasive restoration: Minimal tooth preparation, precise reconstruction of details, and the ability to perfectly mill veneers with a thickness of 0.09mm, preserving natural teeth to the maximum extent.

·Similar wear resistance to natural teeth: Excellent material performance ensures that elastic ceramics have wear resistance similar to natural teeth. It not only resists excessive wear during long-term use but also protects natural teeth.

·Long-lasting aesthetics: Due to its higher strength, lower solubility in water and chemicals compared to similar products, elastic ceramics ensure excellent stain resistance, providing long-term aesthetic effects when worn by patients.


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Physical and chemical properties

Flexural Strength ≥260 MPa
Compression Strength ≥560 MPa
Solubility ≤0.3μg/mm3
Modulus Of Elasticity ≥13 GPa

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