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Uncle Xia in Hubei Province, China is 62 years old. He has wearing activities for many years. Since the end of last year, there are some white plaques in his left cheek mucosa. treat. The pathological examination is diagnosed as "squamous cell carcinoma". The doctor said, "This is a typical inferior purse dental material that releases the case -induced oral cancer cases." The doctor introduced that there are many irregular clinics now, which is extremely low. The preferential price to attract patients, the performance of the ceramic crowns is boast, so that many people choose inferior crown materials in the tooth repair surgery. The consequences are that periodontal inflammation has not been retired for a long time, and even more, extremely individual patients have induced cancer.
First, what are the dangers of inferior dental crown materials under the popular science?

1. Inferior materials are made of radioactive inferior materials in the radioactive market, which often contain radioactive harmful substances such as cymbal. The intake rate of in the gastrointestinal tract does not exceed 0.2%. It can be absorbed by damaged skin. Severe damage. After entering the human body, the enabled oxidation is mainly stored in the lungs, which can cause pneumonia. The soluble cymbal compounds are mainly stored in bones, liver, kidney, and lymph nodes. They can act with plasma protein to generate protein complexes, causing the diseased or tissue lesions to cause cancer.
2. The crown of the chemical solubility of inferior materials for inferior materials will be degraded by oxidation in the mouth, forming harmful substances, stimulating gums, inducing allergies, damage to liver and kidney. 2. At present, the best dental repair material is oxidized ceramics. So how to choose healthy and high -quality oxidized crown? At present, the market size in the field of dental restoration is huge. With the improvement of living standards, more and more consumers choose to perform dental repair surgery. While the rapid development of oral repair, the domestic dental ceramic industry is mixed with fish and dragons, and various pseudo -infla and shy crown materials have emerged endlessly. It not only has a poor effect of dental repair, but also threatens patients' oral health.

1. It is important to see the quality of the parameter is important. The quality of the oxidation tadpole crown is inseparable from several key parameter indicators. Among them, 5 key indicators including anti -folding strength, aging intensity, radioactivity, chemical solubility, and light transmission.
The industry is chaotic and uneven. In recent years, with the promotion of national scientific and technological innovation policies, Ceradirect oxidized dental ceramic materials have taken the lead in breaking through the scientific and technological barrier. Once released, it has quickly received widespread attention from domestic and foreign industries. After nearly 30 years of research, accumulation, innovation, and iteration of materials, the researchers have achieved international leadership of Ceradirect oxidative dental ceramic technology. Choosing the right brand is a key step to repair teeth.
Some people say that choosing imports is reliable! However, as Chinese people, Chinese technology, Chinese manufacturing, and China's quality are not lost to any country, even far better than them, and cost -effective. Why do they choose those so called imports?