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For a long time, porcelain teeth have always been a way to repair teeth quickly and effectively, but metal ions of metal porcelain teeth will cause adverse reactions to the human body, such as black gums, gum bleeding and atrophy, etc. The existence of the crown, transmittance, color and shape and natural teeth are large, and it will produce a blue -gray effect under the light.

At the same time, metal porcelain teeth are unstable under the action of liquid oral acid -alkali environmental bacteria. Patients have certain interference in metal when they do CT nuclear magnetic resonance. Therefore, the oral medical community has been working hard to change this state

Ceradirect technology introduces nano -ceramic material technology, integrates the characteristics of Yixing Zisha pot wetting method, and independently develops wet oxidation materials preparation technology, intelligent manufacturing technology, and artificial intelligence cloud technology to launch high -quality full bionic dental series products.

Ceradirect Technology -Professional denture Customized oxidation or whether the oxidation of medical and dental oxidation is very good in terms of biological safety. Over the years, a large number of experiments and clinical cases have proven to have non -toxic damage to bone and soft tissue cells. No allergies reported.

  Zirconia is sometimes mistaken for metal. This is a chemical concept that confuses metal elements and metals. Oxidation is not metal or vermiculite. Although it contains metal elements, it is oxide ceramics. This is like the difference between sodium chloride (chemical ingredients of salt) and sodium metal

Patients are worried about whether the oxide is radioactivity. In fact, the vermiculite of the sources of oxidation needs to be purified, powder processing, and other steps. The processing process will remove all impurities. The State Administration of Food and Drug Administration has strict standards for all ceramic materials listed on the market. Only after meeting the requirements of radioactive experiments can it be used as medical materials. And not only requires only requirements for oxide, but also has the same radioactive qualification requirements for porcelain, alumina, glass ceramics, etc. Experiments have shown that pure oxidation powder is not only less radioactive than glass ceramics, but even lower than human bone tissue. Ceradirect Technology -Is the collapse rate of the oxidation and rehabilitation of the oxidation and rehabilitation of the dentation shows that a large number of studies have shown that the incidence of collapse porcelain in oxidation is not higher than the traditional porcelain repair body. The research has found that there are three main reasons for the occurrence of oxidized porcelain porcelain:

The shape of the bottom crown is poorly designed, and the local surface is too thick;
时 When the porcelain sintering does not control the temperature control according to the standard, such as fast cooling;
Doctors do not make reasonable treatment after the jaw adjustment, such as glazed sintering, or standard three -step polishing ... This is a necessary step. Will all oxidation cause excessive wear on the jaw teeth? For patients with tight bite and insufficient dental space, the entire oxidation of the oxidation is a good choice. If you are worried that you will cause excessive wear to the jaw tooth, it will not be necessary. Because the abrasion performance of oxidation depends on the surface smoothness, not hardness. Therefore, after the entire oxidation body repair the body is polished or glazed, it will not cause excessive wear of the jaw tooth. Please see it at the technician or polished itself after the grinding.
Ceradirect ——The denture custom oxidation characteristics

1. Features 1. The color is very similar to the natural dental color. It has a high degree of aesthetic effect, excellent light transmission, and is more suitable for use in a highly beautiful area;
2. There is no metal odor in the oral cavity. It does not corrode, and does not stimulate the pulp nerves because of the alternation of cold and cold. The excellent biocompatibility is durable. It can withstand the height of the intensity, prevent cracking, and sturdy and durable. Solved the problem of greening, black lines and discoloration of metal porcelain gums;
3. During the MRI examination, the non -metal oxidation is not blocked by the X -ray. There is no need to remove the dental dentures during the MRI inspection, which saves a lot of trouble.
Second, indicator beauty teeth, severe tetracycline teeth, fluoroplastic spots, deformity teeth, color -changing teeth, etc. ... those with metal or plastic allergies can make front and rear tooth crowns and connecting bridges.
Ceradirect technology full -tooth advantage -the new generation of all -teeth!

1. Products can replace the import Ceradirect technology, bionic teeth, are the characteristics of Ganpeng Technology to introduce US nano -ceramic material technology, integrate the characteristics of Yixing Zisha pot wet preparation process, and independently develop wet oxidation materials preparation technology, intelligent manufacturing technology,, intelligent manufacturing technology, and Artificial intelligence cloud technology, launched high -quality full -quality bionic dental series products, products can replace imports. Ceradirect Technology — Customization of Romance 2. Tough and wear -resistant Ceradirect technology independently developed and produced all -teeth. The full crowns are nano -oxidized material. The intensity exceeds 1200MPa, and the anti -aging performance is very good. After 20 -hour laboratory aging treatment, its strength is still at least double the traditional oxidation, that is, 60 years after wearing the mouth, it can still be strong.

3. Biocompatible Ceradirect all -teeth are better biocompatible. Special designs of the surface of the surface of the surface to retain dozens of nanometer surface depression. First, it is conducive to protein adsorption and can promote gum recovery; The length of the bacteria can effectively inhibit the residues of tooth bacteria and smoke stains.
4. Aesthetic characteristics Ceradirect uses "oxidation and wet and refined purity technology and oxidation and wet gravity molding technology", so that the dentures can have a more sophisticated micro -nano structure surface. Good permeability, natural and round, and the light transmission rate can reach 40%-60%. It ensures that the dentures are highly intensive and highly high. The solution of high-strength materials can only be decorated with porcelain to increase the transparency. New breakthroughs of quality.
If you are worried about not knowing which kind of crown chooses, the full bionic teeth of Ceradirect technology will be your good choice, good quality and high cost performance. The company's purpose is to "make everyone have a good teeth", and is committed to letting the majority of patients use high -quality crown products.