The emergence of all ceramic teeth has solved some of the problems caused by porcelain veneers in the past, and the excellent experience has led more and more patients to recognize this new product, all ceramic teeth. Today, we selected a top foreign brand, another domestic brand, and the highly anticipated CeraDirect zirconia ceramic teeth for comparison, using data to speak.

1、 Durability testing data

1. Bending strength (the higher the value, the more durable it is)

International standard: 800MPa

Foreign first tier brands: 1200MPa

Other domestic brands: 900MPa

CeraDirect zirconium: 1400MPa

2. Aging performance (equivalent to the flexural strength after 5 years of use) (the higher the value, the more durable it is)

International standard: 640MPa

A top foreign brand: 980MPa

Other domestic brands: 450MPa

CeraDirect zirconium: 1250MPa

From the above data, it can be seen that the anti-aging performance of CeraDirect Zirconia is nearly 3 times of the international standard, nearly 2 times of that of a foreign first-line brand, and more than 4 times of that of other domestic brands! This data far exceeds the industry average.

Attention: After investigation by the authoritative CR2016-11-14 in the United States, it has been found that the flexural strength is less than 600MPA and is prone to fracture. Therefore, domestic zirconia ceramic teeth can generally only be used for 3-5 years before accelerating aging and causing accidents such as fracture. Therefore, the warranty in China is only 3-5 years! The warranty for foreign first line porcelain teeth is 10-15 years, while CeraDirect zirconia is a lifetime warranty. A zirconia zirconia ceramic tooth can accompany you for life.

2、 Safety inspection


International standard: ≤ 1.0Bq/g

Foreign first tier brands: 0.1Bq/g

Other domestic brands: 1.0Bq/g

CeraDirect Zirconium: 0.01Bq/g

From the data, 1.0Bq/g of radiation is a critical point. In fact, the higher the radiation, the greater the harm to physical health, leading to common clinical symptoms such as allergies, periodontal disease, blackening, and even surgical failure, making patients suffer unbearably. Some bad materials can even endanger life safety.

3、 Price

The first tier brands imported from abroad are very expensive, which ordinary consumers cannot afford, and the subsequent maintenance and upkeep costs are also high. Especially in some clinics and dental hospitals, compared to patients' information asymmetry, they promote some high-quality imported all ceramic teeth at high prices. At the same time, although other domestic brands are cheap, their quality is worrying, and they are still in the basic imitation stage. There is little research on basic materials, and their quality is difficult to guarantee.

With the breakthrough and rise of Chinese porcelain brand beautyzir zirconia ceramic technology, the quality of beautyzir zirconia ceramic, which has mastered the core technology, can be said to be internationally leading. In several key indicators, it has reached international leading levels, but the price is affordable and the cost-effectiveness is outstanding. It has long been highly praised by patients and dentists.

The original intention of the CeraDirect brand remains unchanged: to create high-end and high-quality teeth that everyone can afford!