Flexibl PMMA Disc—AG System (71mm) 13mm,16mm,20mm

Thickness: 13mm
Color: A1
Sale price$30.00 USD


Ceradirect PMMA temporary denture restoration material has the characteristics of accurate color, stable performance, high aesthetic permeability, good biocompatibility, and no stimulation to oral tissues, so it is an ideal dental temporary restoration material.

·High aesthetics

Meeting the high aesthetic demands of dental restorations


Protects abutments from sitmulus


Good color stability, not easy to fade


· The shoulder shall not be prepared in the area of corner and sharp edge. The shoulder shall be prepared in the shape of round inner edge or inclined surface.

· The space of 1mm is required to be reserved for the preparation of the cutting edge, so as to ensure that the PMMA block can achieve the ideal grinding effect in the process of CAD / CAM. The preparation of the cutting edge should be at the enamel layer, and avoid the preparation at the point or area of stress concentration.


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Ceradirect PMMA

Type Flexural strength Modulus of elasticity
Monochrome PMMA Monochrome >120Mpa >2200MP
 Multilayer PMMA Multilayer >120Mpa >2200MP
Pink/Clear PMMA Pink/Clear >120Mpa >2200MP
Flexibll PMMA Flexibl >120Mpa >2200MP

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