Glass Ceramic Ingot (Press Lithium Disilicate)—HT/LT(20 pieces)

Size: 12.5*10mm
Translucncy: HT
Color: A1
Sale price$140.00 USD


Ceradirect Press Lithium Disilicate is Ceradirect's best-selling all-ceramic product in the market, with more than 2 million pieces sold throughout the year. It has highly liberated aesthetics and is popular with dental technicians worldwide for its exquisite design experience, good strength and design precision.

·High plasticity

Can produce veneers as thin as 0.25mm


Has excellent edge stability

·High castability

Have a smooth hot die casting experience



·When conditions permit,the preparation should be in the enamel layer

·Preparetion of the cutting edge can not be localed in a static or dynamic occlusal surface

·Neck region or lip thickness was prepared 0.6mm the above

·Margin thickness prepared 0.7mm the above.

Front crown

·Grooves must be rounded edge of the wall or shoulder.

·Preparation shoulder width of at least 1mm

·The cutting edge having a thickness of about 1.5mm

·Having a thickness of buccal or lingual region of about 1.2mm


·Preparation depth of at least 1mm.

·Fissure width separating edge region at least 1mm.

·Preparation of the adjacent wall surface at an obtuse angle,The angle between the wall and the Inlay caries contact surface to 100-120 degrees.

·Not prepared and feathering feathered edges.


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Ceradirect press lithium disilicate

Strength Type
10 Pieces 410±50Mpa Lithium disilicate
20 Pieces 410±50Mpa Lithium disilicate

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