Lithium Disilicate Block(Glass Ceramic)—C14/B40-HT/LT(5 pieces)

Size: C14
translucncy: LT
Color: A1
Sale price$50.00 USD


Ceradirect Lithium Disilicate blocks are reliable in strength, consistent in performance and accurate in color. Compared with competitors IPS e.max CAD and Rosetta SM products, the supply is stable and the cost performance is high. It has been verified by thousands of technicians that it is a star product

·High adaptability

A variety of mandrels for you to choose, suitable for a variety of cutting machines

·Various transparency options

HT and LT two kinds of transparency can choose

·moderate strength

Balance of machinability and tooth strength


·Shoulder preparations should not be prepared at corners and sharp edge areas. Shoulder preparations must be rounded Inner edge or bevel.

· It is required to reserve 1mm space for cutting edge preparation to ensure that the ceramic block can achieve the ideal grinding effect during CAD / CAM processing.

· If possible, it is best to prepare only the enamel layer of the incised edge, and avoid preparing in the stress concentrated point area


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Ceradirect Glass Ceramic

  Geometries Strength: Type
C14 C14(18*13*15) 400±60Mpa Lithium Disilicate
B32 B32(32*15*15) 400±60Mpa Lithium Disilicate
B40 B40(40*15*14) 400±60Mpa Lithium Disilicate

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