Milling Burs—Aidite(AMW400)Milling Machine

Material: Lithium disilicate
Size: 0.6
Sale price$25.00 USD


Ceradirect provides zirconia burs, glass ceramic burs, resin burs, metal burs and other types of burs. The bur is made of ultra-fine grain hard alloy material, which improves the service life of the bur, and has high precision, stable quality and sharp cutting edge. Good chip removal, wear resistance and high processing efficiency.


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Material Cutting dia.(mm) Shank dia.(mm)
Lithium dislicate 0.6 6.0
Lithium dislicate 1.0 6.0
 Lithium dislicate 2.5 6.0


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Ceradirect milling burs

Brand Type
Milling burs:140 150 245 250、350 550 750
Milling burs:S2 K5+ R5、K3 K4、N4+Z4
Milling burs:Zenotec Select、Zenotec Mini
Milling burs:6mm(M1)、3mm、Zirkograph 025 ECO
Milling burs:Motion 2 Matik、Mikro 4X Mikro 5X、Mikro IC
Milling burs:DWX-4 DWX-50 DWX-51 DWX-52、DWX-4W DWX-42W
Milling burs:MC X MC XL、MCX5、Cerec 3
Milling burs:5X-400 5X-300 4X-300 、5X-200 4X-100 5X-450 4X-450
Milling burs:D14 D15 D43 D40 DC40
Milling burs:P52、P53
Milling burs:A41、A51、A52
Aidite Milling burs:AMW-400、AMW-520、AMD-500

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