Speed Zirconia——Super Speed Sintering Multilayer Zirconia Block Sirona System

Size: Mono L(20*15*19)(5 pieces)
Color: A1
Sale price$75.00 USD


Ceradirect Speed Zirconia, a revolutionary product that combines the advantages of previous zirconia-based materials with the remarkable ability to achieve rapid sintering within 30 minutes. This groundbreaking feature significantly reduces the sintering time, leading to a remarkable enhancement in work efficiency.

Speed Zirconia sets a new industry benchmark and provides an efficient solution to the sintering needs of professionals.

·Suitable machines

Suitable for SpeedFire machines with 5.0 or higher systems, the curve selection is the DEMO5 demo curve.

·Super high translucency

Suitable for high aesthetic cases

·High strength

Suitable for making multi-unit restorations

·Multilayer gradient

Multi-dimensional gradient effect close to natural teeth

·Special production procedure

Excellent milling properties, accuracy of fit and edge stability


·Prepare teeth into obviously sloping shoulder or round shoulder.

·The milling thickness of edge of cervical region should be at least 1mm.

·Occlusal surface and incisal need to grind off 1.5-2.0mm.

·Knuckle radius should be 0.7mm.

·Axial surface aggregation degree should be 6-8 degree.

·For bridges, adjacent abutment teeth should be parallel between each Other to avoid undercut.


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Ceradirect dental zirconia

Type Strength Translucent Features
HT White 1400Mpa 35% Super Strength Low Translucency
SHT White 1370Mpa 43% High Strength High Translucency
SHTC Preshaded  1125Mpa 43% High Translucency Preshaded Zirconia
SHTML Multilayer 1100Mpa 48% 6-layers Of Color Gradients
3D PRO Multilayer 900-1200Mpa 43%-55% 6-layers Of Color Strength Translucency Gradients
4D Pro Multilayer 900-1200Mpa 43%-55% 6-layers Of Color Strength Translucency Gradients/Speed Sintering
Speed Multilayer 900-1200Mpa 45%-51% Fast Sintering In About 30 Minutes
Max Multilayer 1000-1300Mpa 45%-57% New Technology Layerless Fusion Gradient

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